Murmuration- Talent and Operations Manager

New York, United States · Operations


Who We Are

Murmuration is an organization dedicated to sustainable policy change in the U.S. and we believe that the path to real change in America’s education system is through political activism. Together with partners, our core work is developing a shared infrastructure and coordinated support for organizations on the ground to massively improve outcomes for all children. Murmuration has worked directly with local schools and organizations to amplify the voices of parents and families in education.

Murmuration has also developed a technology product called “mInsights” that seeks to aggregate data from a combination of sources such as partner organization’s member data, publicly available data, consumer data, voter file data, and more. These data will then be used to build a variety of models and tools that will position Murmuration’s partner organizations to activate and expand their supporter bases effectively, and mobilize them for sustained political change.

About the Position

We’re looking for a smart, collaborative and strategic Talent and Operations Manager to join our Operations team. In the short term, this role will build on our strong foundation and focus on building strategic talent solutions to support Murmuration’s growth. You’ll have the opportunity to create, shape and implement programs for our team members to grow and develop. You’ll work with department leaders in innovative ways to bring out the best in their teams. Over the medium-term, you’ll also assist across all operating functions – Finance, IT and HR – to ensure that Murmuration is operating as effectively, compliantly and efficiently as possible.

Areas of responsibility will include organizational design, recruitment, performance management, teammate relations, compliance, and general operational functions. As Talent and Operations Manager, you will report to the Chief Operating Officer.

Attracting and onboarding great talent

Retaining great talent

Operations management


Candidate Profile

Murmuration attracts employees with distinctive and diverse backgrounds and accomplishments. Integrity, creativity, flexibility, and drive are key attributes of competitive candidates.


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